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What’s new at The Environment Centre

From July we will be hosting a series of discussions and activities for you to exchange ideas and take collective action. These will all take place in our café which we are renaming The Exchange Café.

The centre is going to be focusing on some of the biggest issues the planet faces today and encouraging people to take small actions which can make a big difference.

Plastic, is it so fantastic?

We think reducing it is one of those big issues. Throughout July this will be our focus. We hope that you will follow us on twitter and share on facebook to help us raise awareness of our need to reduce our plastic habit.

We hope you will join us for our first Exchange Café event on the 10th of July from 3-6pm when we will be hosting a community discussion on how we can reduce plastic in Swansea.

Want to see what other events we have planned at the cafe, take a look at the programme:

Exchange Cafe Programme

Our shop is also going to re-launch in July too. This year we’re going to be taking sustainable shopping to another level and we hope that you will like our new packaging free ethos. More will be revealed in our July newsletter. Right now you can refill household cleaning products at our Ecover Refill Station, which is unique to Swansea, so come and fill your boots….ooops, we mean bottles!