Swansea #InTheLoop

Swansea #InTheLoop

The Environment Centre is excited to be expanding a national on-the-go recycling campaign to Swansea city centre, working in partnership with Swansea Council and environmental charity Hubbub.

Every year in the UK we get through 13 billion plastic bottles, 9 billion drinks cans and nearly 3 billion coffee cups. We are consuming more food and drink on the go, yet lots of packaging isn’t recycled. The ‘In the Loop’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the issue and implement measures to improve recycling within city centres.

Why focus on recycling ‘on the go’?

We recycle glass, tin and cans and plastic bottles in the house and at work, it makes sense to be able to recycle when out and about. Swansea city centre already has a good provision of recycling bins and the project aims to highlight these through new labelling that shows what can be recycled and where it should go. The project will be supported by a broad marketing campaign, though the local media, collaborative partners and the participation of local businesses.

The expected benefits of the campaign are:

  • Raising awareness of the need to recycle, even when out and about
  • Encouraging people to put the materials (glass, bottles, cans and coffee cups) in the correct bins
  • Making recycling a fun issue and a conversation starter for the public to engage with
  • Improving recycling rates within the city centre

Why coffee cups?

Here at the environment centre we believe in the move away from single use to reusable items, but understand that this can take time as we change our habits and occasionally it is not practical. In these instances we need to make sure we recycle as much as we can. Many waste streams can be recycled when separate facilities are available (link our Terracycle collection point) and Swansea #InTheLoop wants to make the recycling of coffee cups mainstream. This will be done by introducing coffee cup bins to the city centre and take back schemes in local stores.

How you can get involved?

We would be thrilled if our members and the public could get engaged with the campaign. Small steps can make a big difference and you can:

  • Take note of the messages being shared, to know how you can use the facilities and recycle – remember ‘Right thing, right bin’ and  look out for on-street yellow bins in the city centre
  • Share the communications with family and friends – via social media and word of mouth
  • If you’re a business owner, sign up to the scheme to raise awareness and take advantage of the free communications pack that includes stickers for store windows, posters, an employee engagement guide and a digital tool kit for social media
  • Let us know what you think! Is there anything you would like to see done, or how you think the scheme is going

Being part of a national campaign in these early stages means that we are helping develop recommendations to improve on the go recycling which will be shared with towns and cities throughout Wales and the wider UK. Wales is the second-best household recycler in the world, and we hope this campaign will show that Wales, led by Swansea City, is pioneering on-street recycling too.