Refill Station

We are the biggest refill station in Swansea, and have a range of cleaning products and toiletries available, the full list is below.

Please bring the original bottle for the product you are refilling if you can, to ensure you have the correct ingredients and directions for use.

Prices given here are per litre. For different size bottles, prices are a direct proportion of a litre.

ProductPrice per litre
Ecover all purpose cleaner£2.26
Ecover washng up liquid£2.27
Ecover fabric softener£2.18
Ecover laundry liquid£3.25
Ecover liquid hand soap£5.74
Ecover toilet cleaner£2.55
BioD washing up liquid£1.94
BioD hand wash£3.80
BioD fabric softener£1.82
BioD laundry liquid£4.60
BioD toilet cleaner£2.10
Suma shampoo£4.38
Suma conditioner£4.38
Faith In Nature shampoo£11.00
Faith In Nature conditioner£11.00
Faith In Nature bosy wash£11.12