Staff & Volunteers

Staff and Volunteers

The Environment Centre functions as a collaboration between full time and part time staff, volunteers and trustees. Our team of volunteers are integral and without them we could not provide the services we do. We would like to thank all of the volunteers for all of their hard work. If you are interested in becoming part of our team please contact

Centre Staff

Resources OfficerFinance ManagerSupport Officer

Hannah Mitchell

Sian Jenkins
El Evansel-evans
Responsible for use and maintenance of the Centre, the green shop, fairtrade cafe and information resources.Responsible for financial management of the Centre.
Education OfficerMore Green Project/ Centre Caretaker

Anita Houten

Mo Green

Responsible for coordinating Swansea Environmental Education Forum and providing advice and resources for environmental education in general.The More Green Project is a Swansea based community-focused charity, working with and for the community in order to raise awareness of waste issues by active participation in the project’s activities.

Project Staff

These staff are responsible for the running and management of the projects based within the Environment Centre. These projects are all part of the Swansea Environmental Forum working to ensure a Clean, Green Swansea for the future.

Sustainable Swansea Project OfficerSustainable Swansea Project Officer

Dai Power

Delyth Higgins

The aim of the Sustainable Swansea team is to promote and educate the community in the use of sustainable living methods. The aim of the Sustainable Swansea team is to promote and educate the community in the use of sustainable living methods.
Community Green Spaces Officer
Neil Barry
The Communtiy Green Spaces officer interacts with the local community to help raise their concerns regarding the local environment.

Board of Trustees

Our trustees are responsible for controlling the strategic direction of the Centre and ensuring the effective management and administration of our activities. Since the Centre is a company limited by guarantee, our trustees are also our directors.

Are you interested in helping with the running of the Environment Centre? Want to help us with our planning? If so then why not join us as a trustee?


The Centre is supported by a wide range of volunteers, who help on a regular basis or with a specific event or project.  Our regular volunteers look after our visitor Centre. They meet and greet members of the public, serve in our shop, act as phone reception and much more. We also have volunteers who help with maintenance, administration and events.

Do you have a spare afternoon or a morning a week? Do you enjoy meeting and helping people? If so, why not join us in our Visitor Centre? We will refund your travel expenses and offer you relevant training, in-house and through Swansea Council for Voluntary Service.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Environment Centre please contact