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About Us

Front of Centre Building

Front of Centre Building


The Environment Centre is here to help environmental groups in the South Wales area and to provide information regarding sustainability issues. We have a small green shop, fair trade coffee shop, meeting and exhibition spaces, information, office facilities, photocopying/laminating, internet access, demonstrations of renewable technologies and more.

We are an independent registered charity and Company Limited by Guarantee: Charity no. 1039378.


The Environment Centre was set up by Swansea Environmental Forum, an association of statutory and voluntary organisations active in environmental work in South West Wales. Through the setting up of an environment centre, they sought to establish a base and focus for environmental information, education and activity in the area.

In 1989, Swansea City Council offered the Old Telephone Exchange in Pier Street for conversion into an environment centre, if the Forum was able to attract the necessary support and funding. Support was offered by dozens of people from the voluntary, statutory and business sectors.

The Telephone Exchange in the 1900's

The Telephone Exchange in the 1900’s

Eco Annexe being built in 1999

Eco Annexe being built in 1999

In March 1994, the project was adopted to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales. HRH visited the site in May 1994 and a number of national companies and charitable trusts contributed substantial sums towards the renovation costs. The Centre was officially opened in April 1995 by the Prince of Wales on a return visit to the project.

In 1999 an Eco-Annexe was built to house the visitor centre. Since then more eco-features including a garden and wildlife pond have been added. Our garden is maintained by a group of volunteers and is designed to grow with nature. Read more about our garden in our leaflet.

Eco-Centre Award

In April  2014, the Environment Centre was awarded the Eco-Centres Award run by Keep Wales Tidy. We are proudly displaying our “Green Flag” in our Eco Info Hub area.

As an environment centre we have always kept the environment and ethics at the forefront of our work and practices, but it is great to see recognition for this and see our achievements over the years. Read more HERE 




Environment Policy

You can download a copy of our Environment Policy HERE

Social Accounts

The Environment Centre was one of the first organisations in Wales to undertake a “Social Audit”. The Environment Centre has produced two sets of Social Accounts (which measure our social, environmental and economic impact). The full 2007-2008 Social Accounts can be viewed HERE There is also a shorter summary HERE.and the 2005-2006 Social Accounts can be viewed HERE