Double Your Donation: New “Heat Our Hall” Appeal Launch On 22nd June 2017


The Environment Centre has a new appeal being launched on Thursday 22nd June, raising money to replace the heating system in the hall. If you’re a regular user of the Centre, you’ll know that our heating system is old, inefficient and in desperate need of replacing!

If you donate up to £25 via our Local Giving page on 22nd June, your donation will be doubled*! If you are unable to donate on that day, we will be continuing the appeal throughout the summer so there will be further opportunities to help us raise funds.

Please click the following link on 22nd June to donate… 

If you are not able to donate on the 22nd, or you missed the date, you can still make a donation afterwards as we will keep the appeal open throughout the summer.

(*donations of up to £25 will be doubled on 22nd June 2017, to a maximum of £250 for the Environment Centre, whilst Local Giving funds are available. The Centre will also receive £200 match funding on top of what is raised during the appeal.)

Thanks for your support!