Swansea’s first ever Restart Party!


We were very excited to host Swansea’s first ever Restart Party back in March in partnership with Sustainable Swansea. People turned up with their sick electronic gadgets and learnt how to diagnose,  troubleshoot and fix their electrical items which would have otherwise ended up in the bin. It was lots of fun and a really social way to help people learn or to share their skills. And so satisfying to know we can save those precious metals which live inside our electronic goods.

Delyth learning to solderAt the party Restarter Adrian, gave a quick demo on how to use a multimetre when diagnosing what was wrong with an unwell stereo speaker. Delyth learnt how to fix a broken connection in a mini desktop fan with a soldering iron from Restarters Bill and Peter.  Photoulla got advice on what spare part she needed to order to make her kettle boil again and said she’d come back to the next Restart Party to learn how to fit it. The simplest fix of the evening was replacing a fuse which made Ingrid’s lamp shine again.


Dai speaker fix (2)

Restart Party brings together people who have broken electronics and who would like to learn how to fix them, with people that know how to repair and who want to share their skills. It really is as simple as that. Restart community repair events, have been taking place internationally as a way to empower people to fix rather than bin their broken electronics. The Restart Party concept was developed by The Restart Project, a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and maintenance skills.

We’rIngrid fixed lampe pleased to have joined a list of global Restart Party hosts and we now want to build a community of Restarters here in Swansea so we can hold a regular Swansea Restart Party and help people learn repair skills and reduce electronic waste going to landfill.



If you can fix electronics and would like to share your skills or if you have a broken gadget that you’d like to learn how to repair, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Sarah on 01792 480200 or email sarah@environmentcentre.org.uk

Want to know more about The Restart Project check out this video…