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Sustainable Swansea’s Top Tips On Having A Green Festive Season

Sustainable Swansea have decided to put together some tips to help people plan in the run up to Christmas and surrounding festivities, to have a think about what they buy, where they buy it and even why they buy it! Sustainable Swansea Community Outreach Worker, Delyth Higgins, said “We all know there’s huge amounts of waste this time of year, be it wrapping paper, plastic packaging, food, extra bottles and tins, and so we hope that by taking on board at least some of the tips, it will help cut down on this.” Here are the top tips:


  • Take your own reusable bags when you are Christmas shopping. Around 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging are thrown away over Christmas.
  •  Decorate your home with natural ornaments: holly, fir cones and mistletoe for example as they are all compostable
  • Use rechargeable batteries in all your Christmas electronics, toys and gifts
  • Support your local shops or buy Fairtrade – to find that unusual gift
  • Make presents – chocolate truffles, chutneys, jams, jewellery etc.
  • Try to avoid plastic gifts – look for more natural alternatives such as wooden toys etc.
  • Choose charity cards and wrapping paper which have recycled paper content
  • Ask friends and family to buy you ethical or green presents (or even give a donation to charity instead) as we often have too much stuff


  • Buy loose rather than pre-packed vegetables – it’ll help cut down on waste packaging.
  • Indulge with a local, organic hamper made up from the local farmers market or give gifts made locally
  • Buy drinks in bigger bottles rather than small ones. One large bottle generates less waste than several smaller ones
  • Try to avoid serving people with paper or plastic plates and cups if you are entertaining.
  • Christmas lights left on for ten hours a day over only twelve days will produce enough carbon dioxide to inflate 12 hot air balloons.


  • Recycle your Christmas tree
  • Save your Christmas wrap, decorations and cards to reuse next year
  • Get creative when cooking to make sure you use up all the left over and extra food

We hope you have a happy holiday!

Environment Centre Open For Late Night Shopping On Thursday 3rd December…Plus Christmas Craft Event

On Thursday 3rd December the Centre’s Green Shop and Coffee Shop will be open late til 7pm, an excellent opportunity to purchase ethical and green gifts, and also help support the Environment Centre. FREE mince pie with every purchase (one per customer). We have lots of stock of bamboo socks (a bestselling Christmas gift every year!), boxes of Fairtrade chocolates, recycled Christmas cards, ethical craft, art pieces, glass rings and jewellery, glass window bugz and much more!

From 5pm we will also have a Christmas Craft session, £5 to paint your own recycled glass bottle – a great personalised gift to hang on a wall. Open to all, numbers are limited so please let us know if you’re planning to do the session.

bottle 4