Bryn y Don: The little Park with BIG ideas

The sky was the limit earlier this month at an extraordinary event in a local school and park, when over 100 people -parents and children- turned out to explore the wonderful world of the stars in our galaxy.

Natural Resources Wales collaborated with local park group Friends of Brynydon park and Communities First,to bring a star-themed focus day to Mayhill and surrounding areas.

The day started with a visit to an indoor star-gazing dome in Seaview school hall. The huge dome hosted over 100 visitors throughout the day, and you could hear a pin drop as enthralled children watched the planets and constellations surround them. The school also offered a range of fun activities in different classrooms, with willow star making, paper star designing, alien creations, robot designing amongst the highlights. School staff gave up their weekend to support the event as the culmination of several weeks’ focused work on the theme of the stars, tailored to all ages from nursery to year 6, and there was lots of evidence of effective learning around the school, and in children’s responses.

As the afternoon drew to a close, the team from Come Outside (one of the projects of Natural Resources Wales) led a geocache walk down from Seaview to Brynydon park, through a path which takes a direct route down to the little park which is growing in popularity and diversity. The children were delighted to be able to track and find clues enroute with their GPS trackers.

At the park PCSOs and local Councillors David Phillips, Sybil Crouch and Fiona Gordon made sure there were welcome hot drinks and snacks available, as the weather was pretty wintry! This didn’t stop families enjoying the fantastic view, and with the benefit of
binoculars and telescopes from Come Outside, even more could be seen.

Whilst the night was a bit cloudy, the moon looked amazing close up, and as darkness fell and deepened, the solar-powered star-path glowed. This was the inspiration for the event: the first in Wales to generate low-level light in a sustainable, natural way.

Membership to the friends is free if you are interested contact Roy Kneath